Marketing Is The Bloodline Of Your Business
An exclusive look into the people who run Women Connect, the products and services offered within this platform and the exciting news and interviews of celebrities, and business owners who are the backbone of this organisation. Competitions and great gifts are given away in each issue. This magazine also gives their members an opportunity of getting exposure and all members get this magazine for free. We are a bi-monthly magazine and the next issue will be available on the 15th December. Our Christmas issue is going to be amazing. To purchase the magazine, simply click on the button below and you'll be taken to our purchasing website.
How Can I Help You?
My Name is Ann Marot, and I'm a Marketing Specialist, Author and Coach who partners with entrepreneurs around the world and helps them launch their businesses, or increase their online presence in their existing business. Visit my different pages, I'm sure you'll find something here that you'll need.
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Most people think that it's all about their product but the truth of it is it's not at all about your product; it's about the marketing of your product that will bring you success or not. If you want the Secret to the best marketing strategies ever then get this 292 page ebook for free, it will help you in your business. 

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What Others Are Saying About Me
"I didn't know how I was going to do things online & then I met Ann"
Ann Marot has created an amazing online presence for me. Without Ann it wouldn't be possible for me to connect with you.
- NIANELL - Johannesburg
"I did Ann's Online Course - Best decision"
Ann's course definitely gives you so much information on how to go about finding a product and developing a product. This course definitely gives you what you need to make a start online.
- Robynne Adams - Johannesburg
"Ann has helped me generate income I never believed was possible..."
Ann Marot has built all my funnels and there are amazing, but not only that they have generated income for me that I never believed possible
- Sherial Dobesh - Las Vegas
"My magazine automatically receives subscriptions, a dream come true."
Ann is professional, trustworthy delivers on everything that she promises.  I love my magazine subscription funnels, book her now..
- Sherry Kallergis - Vancouver
"Ann has helped me get my business off the ground and works very quickly"
Ann Marot is very friendly and easy to work with. She does everything very professionally and quickly and she's always there for you.
- Kati Strauss - Pretoria
"It's been great and easy to work with Ann - and everything's so professional"
Ann is professional, in everything that she does and promises.  I have enjoyed working with her and will do so in the future without a doubt.
- Marko Blom - Centurion
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