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My Online Courses
Custom designed world-class courses for you to achieve your success in an online business. Many people purchase my courses to upskill themselves in marketing, but they have also been designed to assist you in opening up an online business to earn an additional income.
You have 1 year access to all my course material which is all in one place, so that you never have to rush a course before the membership site closes down. If you have any questions on this courses please don't hesitate to contact me, my details are below.
My courses are of high value but incredibly affordable. The courses have been designed so that when you've completed them,  most of the steps moving forward have already been achieved and you're on your way to opening up your own online business. But you don't have to open a business, you can do the course purely for the marketing education.
This course can be done at your own pace and can be completed in a couple of days. If you're adventurous, you could complete this course in one days. 
The course has incredible value for the price that you pay, and is a 'must do' for anyone who wants to make money online. You also get 1 full year access to our membership site. For more information on what is included in the course, take a look by clicking on the button below.
This is a 10 video training course that teaches you what to do when designing your own products. The course is easy to understand, it's done in a fun, and enjoyable way and you could finish the full course in about an hour.
You get unlimited access to our membership site. For more information on what is included in the course, take a look by clicking on the button below.
Ebook Design
If you're in need of any product or ebook designed then you're in the right place. We do our own design work in house so the cost is low and the quality is high. For only $49 you get the following:
  • Ebook Icon: picture of your product for your site plus 3 sizes (l,m,s)
  • Ebook Cover: Cover for ebook designed same as your icon
  •  Ebook pdf: Ebook formatted into a pdf of easy download
Be Your Brand
Everything About Branding Yourself
A 30 day personal branding course that can be done at your own pace & completed in less than 30 days. This course is  the ultimate A-Z guide to personal branding & how you go about it.

in the process of upgrading

We want to make money online but we don't know what product to sell. Create your own online product with Product-ivity in 10 easy step with unlimited access to our membership site and start selling your knowledge right now - today! Hurry this incredible offer won't last forever!
Enjoy Free Marketing Products
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This is a 'must have' product. The content is easy reading and easy implemented. You learn that you don't have to be an expert to be an expert. This is a well written book by Russell Brunson who is offering the book for free and you only paying for shipping it to you. Click on the title above and place your order before this disappears.


This is the first book written by Russell Brunson. It's more about the strategies behind building a sales funnel and proving that sales funnels work more effectively when selling or up-selling a product or service than a traditional website. The value in the book will make anyone a success story. Click on the title above and place your order for your free book, only paying for shipping.


If what you're doing in business is not making your money then you need a change.  This free book contains pages of vital information on how to successfully build a sales funnel to sell & up-sell your products or services in detail. If you are using a normal website in your business then you should get this book because you're not going to believe the value in funnels vs website. Click on the title above to get it now and build your empire.


Whether or not you're in marketing you need this book. Being a marketer I understand the struggle for those who don't have experience in this field. The secrets in this black-book astounded me and definitely brought a smile to my face. Get your copy now, as quickly as you can by clicking on the title above.


All this talk about funnels and if you don't know what they are then I'm sure you're going to want some more info or even to try out the product for 14 days free. Why not click on the title above and take up my free 14 day trial offer. Any questions, get hold of me and we can chat.


If you're looking for a free product that is amazing and effective, that also up skills you and you don't pay a cent, then you should register for this free bootcamp before it has a cost attached. Click on the title and enjoy.
Have You Visited the #1 Women's Online Magazine? If Not, Then You're Missing Out!
Facebook has 2.72 billion accounts and if you're not in front of this audience then you're missing out! But how do you get in front of this audience effectively? Take a look at a magazine that is designed for women in business. At Forty Five
Get listed on the Swhish Directory or take an advert on their incredible promotion that is totally affordable to all. Look now!
Other Great Marketing Products


The Amazing Selling Secrets Of The World’s #1 HIGHEST Paid Speaker...
10X Secrets Will Open Again Next Year. Be Sure To Get On The Waitlist To Be Notified When We Launch


This is an amazing book and everyone should get it. Do you want to write better sales copy? Do you struggle to write ads, sales letters, and emails that convert?  Want to get more clicks, sales, and profits? Are you ready for more clicks, sales, and profits? Does your sales copy suck? Copywriting Secrets – FREE!


I love this book as we all need to be educated on copywriting. Jim shows us how we don't need to be educated on writing copy, that it is possible for it to be done for you - sound too good to be true? Well, take it from me, this system is a god send to all marketers and marketing companies. Click on title to see


If you've ever been in network marketing, you will know that it is overwhelming and most of the time we are trying to find our own feet. Well no more of this. Russell's book Network Marketing Secrets gives you all the secrets that you need to grow your downline.

Have you taken a look at my marketing videos?
Marketing has always been my passion and I love teaching people how to succeed in this industry. Especially since I had no one to teach me. 

Sometimes it's as simple as common sense but we make it complicated. My mentors always told me: "the way to successful marketing is to follow someone who is already successful". And so I did, and now it's my turn to give.

Here are some of my facebook live videos that I am sure will help you find your way. 

If you don't find anything in there that you need - then maybe you should take a look at the Marketing Secrets Black Book click through on the Top left. 
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