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Social Media Marketing
Having a presence on Social Media is very important for your business, but the tragedy is that most people don't know how to do this successfully.
In my video, I show you what I can do for you in Social Media Marketing. I show you live examples of successful social media accounts that I run and I train you (included in my cost) on what works and what doesn't.
I strongly believe that you have better things to do in your company than to spend time posting on social media and that's where I come in. I create posts, do your advertising, headers, campaigns and so much more. Let's chat. My details are below. Depending on what you need will determines the cost. If you want to book a free discovery call to chat please click the button below.
Funnel Building & Marketing
Funnel Building & Marketing is a new concept in the market and the term Funnel Marketing was created by myself. Funnel Marketing is the  building of funnels to reach certain marketing objectives. You might want to generate leads and build a database, or you might want to sell a product or service, or you might want to have a course designed or sell a course online, or you might want to sell a book - ultimately, to give your customer a shopping experience you could only do this through a funnel.
Funnels are interactive and engaging and one can monitor the visitors movements on your site from start to finish. You can up-sell, down-sell, or just give a way products for free to generate leads. I can even create a traditional website built on the funnel platform - like this one that you're on right now.  And all the marketing is done in the funnel platform that goes straight onto your social media and can be used in advertising campaigns. I can do whatever you want or need. If you want to try out this platform that I use, simply opt in for a free 14 day trial right now  CLICK HERE
Pre-Designed Website Templates
Case Study: Traditional Sites vs Funnel Sites
Email Marketing
Most people don't realise how important it is to communicate with their customers. It's common knowledge that most corporate companies sit on large databases and never ever use them to connect with their customers, sad isn't it.
Your database is the most important item that your business possesses. Every person on your database is a potential customer, even if they have previously bought from you.  The secret is to keep the conversation going, engage with them and share value from the time that they get onto your list.
The difficult part of email marketing is starting. This is why people don't do email marketing, because they don't know where to start and what to say. I set up your communications strategies for you as well as your copy.  Once you start, you'll be surprised how your business changes direction. Let's chat my details are below.

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Ebook/Digital Design
If you're a coach, author or have an online business where your objective is to sell your product or services, ebooks can work for you. Ebooks have taken the lead in the market when it comes to generating leads (free ebook give-a-ways). My ebook design service works well because most people don't have the expertise to design their own ebooks and sometimes hiring an artist is too costly.
My ebook design service is cost effective and done within a couple of hours. In this package you get ebook icons, cover design and pdf ebook from start to finish. You have to supply the content and any other materials that you wish to have included but I do all the design work and in most times you'll have it within the same day.

Take a look at my video to get an idea of the quality of my work. Contact me should you need this service. If you need to chat, connect with me.
My Latest Ebook & Product Designs 
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Start Working With Me
It's difficult to start working with a new person or someone you don't know, and it's for this reason that I start my journey with you through a discovery call. We discover whether or not my service is a fit for you and whether or not we can work together. 
Then if our conversation goes well, I suggest that we meet. This can be done in person if you live in my country or on skype, zoom or facetime. In this time we establish what your dream is and how I can make it become a reality.  I call this a 'business intensive' which normally lasts up to 2 hours. You have to make an appointment for this session and there is a cost for this. 

After our meeting you get a report back on what we discussed, what your funnel or marketing strategy looks like, and how much it's going to cost you for me to do your project. This report is detailed so if you've paid for it, but then decide that you don't want to continue working with me, you could very easily take this plan to someone else.
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