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Marketing Is The Bloodline Of Your Business
I am my company and my brand, being in the market for 24 years, my company is based on trust and strong relationships with my clients. I offer a marketing service that you won't receive from any of my competitors because the difference is that I am here to serve, I love what I do and my clients come first. Let's chat!
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Why Is It That Most People Fail In Business?
The answer to this question is very simple. Most people fail in business because they don't have momentum, the don't have a mission, they are not resourceful enough and so much more - Listen to what Ann has to say about secrets that no one is teaching....
What Services Do I Offer?
There are 8 services that I offer in my marketing company that work together to provide the solution for you to reach your financial goals. I help you achieve the ultimate marketing exposure that every business needs, focusing on communication, automation and brand awareness. I call this C.A.B. because once you have a CAB you can go anywhere, do anything and achieve everything.
Why Should You Use My Services?
My marketing company is 25 years. I wouldn't say that it's because I was 'lucky' as a small company surviving this long. I would say that it was because I offer 'Excellence'. Here are some reasons why I am different and you should use my services going forward:
  • Experience: 25 years in marketing with client commitments of 14 years 
  • Technology: I use the latest & the best and if I don't have it, I get it
  • Knowledge: MBA & BCom Marketing and Management Science
  • Digital: I'm a digital designer and have the ability to create & design anything
  • Focus: I focus on the need of my customer aiming for them benefitting from my excellence.
  • International: Online specialist since 2016, doing international business 
  • Character: Trustworthy, Truthful and focused on communication
  • Travelled: Worldly experienced and travelled with high levels of research knowledge
  • Author: I have written books and do all of my own copywriting.
  • Authentic: What you see is what you get. I pride myself in being authentic and delivering all my projects on time.
What Is My Business Procedure?
In other words 'How do I Work'. There is no way that I can give you the service or products that you deserve if we don't sit down with each other and discuss where you are, what you're presently doing and where you want to go. I lay all expectations down up front and explain how I work to ensure that we never have to move the goalposts. If you are interested in working with me, simply go to my Contact Me page and send me a message. Or connect with me on WHATSAPP. Here is my procedure for your convenience.

1.  Telephonic Introductions

Our first meeting is a telephonic conversation. This call normally lasts for 15-30 minutes and the reason for this call is to establish if we are a good fit and can actually work together. This is very important as too many times people take on jobs and they just don't get on with their client or vica versa. This definitely reflects in the work result. So I like to know that we can work together and if we can't, then I believe the best policy is to not take the job.

2.  Online Visual Meeting or In Person

Depending on where you are in the world we will set up a visual online meeting. If you are in the same city as me, we might set up a one on one personal meeting. This meeting is to find out where you are presently, what your need is and where you want to go moving forward. This meeting normally takes 1-2 hours. I call this meeting a business intensive. In this time we also discuss the plans to be put in place to achieve your objective. After this meeting I send you a full report on what was discussed accompanied by a blueprint and a quotation for your job.

3.  Project Timelines And Payment

The report that you receive after our meeting is very detailed and covers everything from what was agreed on to a to-do-list so that we can achieve your objectives. Once the project has been agreed on you'll receive my invoice. Work will commence once payment is received. Timelines and regular scheduled meetings will be agreed on. Project management will include timesheets on work done so that we can keep track of hours and requirements already paid for.

4.  Marketing Services

Once your project development and implementation is complete, I suggest a marketing plan going forward. This is a separate cost. If you choose not to do marketing with me, that's fine, but you can still purchase the marketing plan if you wish. There are 3 ways we can work together going forward. First is the retainer: this is a fixed monthly amount for services detailed. Secondly is buying hours: you purchase a number of hours up front and we work through them when you need me. Thirdly is a pay as you go, for my services whenever you have a need for them by the hour. This hourly rate is a little higher but it works for some. 
What else am I involved in?
I am involved in a couple of different adventures that excite me, not only because I have created all of them and they are very successful in bringing in an additional income but mostly because they serve a purpose that is in alignment with my big WHY! See below. Find out more about these projects by simply clicking on the banner.
Why Build From Scratch When You Can Buy A Template?
I offer already developed website/funnel templates. All that you need to do is download the template into your ClickFunnels account, put in your own content, pictures and integrations and voila your site can be done in a day.
What The F**nnel!
... check out  "What The Funnel" Video Educational Series 
CLICKFUNNELS has put together a Fun (and funny) educational video series explaining what a funnel is. Each episode talks about  different types of funnels for different industries - Whatever your business, there's a funnel type for you! 
If you want to see this series, simply click on the button below to go to our video library.
Freebies That I'd Love To Share With You?
All of these incredible books are free, PLUS other freebies that I have developed myself! Go check it out as the value that I'm giving you will exceed anything like it that you've ever received for free before in your life. Click on the button below and you will see all of my AKA FREEBIES. Thank you for letting me over deliver.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to sign a contract with you?
No you don't have to sign a contract with me. In fact I hate contracts. I don't believe that you should be stuck with a person that you can't work with just because of a contract. I do have retainer options where you commit for a period of time monthly depending on your budget and your need. You acknowledge the duration when you accept my quotation and then you pay up front so there is no need for a contract.
How much do you charge for a project?
I don't have a set cost per project due to the fact that it depends on what your need is and how long it will take. I have an A La Carte Price list and depending on what you need will determine the price.
Do you develop websites?
Yes I do develop websites. I try and stay away from the traditional flat website that is becoming a thing of the past. I use new technology that allows your website to be interactive and engaging. I call this a funnel website. What I love about this technology is that instead of  your visitors just being a IP address as in the traditional website, you can actually know the name of the person visiting your website, which pages they are spending their time on and what they are doing on that page. A funnel website is different to a Sales Funnel, which I also do.
What's the difference between a traditional website and a sales funnel?
A traditional website is sometimes overwhelming with all the content and there is just too much writing and too many tabs. What happens to someone who gets confused and overwhelmed? They leave and you've lost a sale. Plus you can only see the IP address of your visitors which doesn't help you at all. The sales funnel is a website that allows you to know who your visitor is by name and takes your visitor by the hand and leads them through a series of steps helping them to make their purchasing decision.
Can I pay you just for what I need?
Yes you can pay me for the things you need. For example you might need an ebook or you might need a landing page and thank you page for lead generation, or you might just need some posts designed for social media, then you would pay me on my hourly rate. I send you a quote and once your payment is received, I commence work.
If I need you to develop a Sales Funnel or Website what do I need to give you?
You will be given a detailed to-do-list with exactly what you need to provide and do going forward so don't worry about this now.
How long will it take you to build a website?
It all depends on how many pages you need but a 5 page website will take me 7 days with integrations and testing however it depends on if I have all the content for the site up front and if you have completed your to-do-list of things that I will need you to do for integrations like payment systems and email systems.
Do you do ebooks?
Yes I do ebooks. I do two types: one is the traditional ebook that looks like a book in a pdf format, it's done through a software that doesn't cater for too much design work and then I also do a creative style ebook this is if you want your pictures shaped and special design in your ebook. This includes the cover of the ebook and a mock up icon. The price depends on how many pages you have and how much design you need. An average book designed ebook less than 30 pages is normally $47 for traditional and $65 for designer ebook.
How do I pay you?
You can either pay me through PayPal where you can use your credit card or debit card or even have money transfered through your bank. All payments will be done in USD but it will reflect on your bank statement in the currency of your country. Or if you are local, you can pay on invoice via your bank.
Is your 'Free Stuff' really free?
All the products that are on my 'free stuff' page are really free. However you will have to pay for shipping (a minimal cost) to get the product to you in your country. This will be indicated on the order page very clearly.
How do I get my Funnel Template after I purchase it?
Once your payment goes through on Paypal you will receive your receipt email. Inside this email there are instructions on what to do to download your template and the link for the download will be in this email.
What Others Are Saying About Me!
These are just a few of my clients testimonials. I am proud to say that all of my clients are very happy with the service that I deliver and the way in which I work. Mostly because there is good structure and communication.
"I didn't know how I was going to do things online & then I met Ann"
Ann Marot has created an amazing online presence for me. Without Ann it wouldn't be possible for me to connect with you.
- NIANELL -Singer, Songwriter, Author -  Johannesburg
"Ann was referred to me by a top business women in USA and I haven't looked back"
Ann Marot has her clients best interest in mind when she works with them and always delivers excellent work - I am part of her Women Connect movement and can't say how much this is needed in our world today.
- Wallis Pattisonn -CEO of Bold Not Old - Australia
"I did Ann's QuickStart 101 Online Course - Best decision, it gives you everything that you need"
Ann's course definitely gives you so much information on how to go about finding a product and developing a product. This course definitely gives you what you need to make a start online.
- Robynne Adams -Marketing Consultant - Johannesburg
"Ann has helped me generate income I never believed was possible..."
Ann Marot has built all my funnels and there are amazing, but not only that they have generated income for me that I never believed possible.
- Sherial Dobesh - Entrepreneur - Las Vegas
"My magazine automatically receives subscriptions, a dream come true."
Ann is professional, trustworthy delivers on everything that she promises.  I love my magazine subscription funnels, book her now..
- Sherry Kallergis -At Forty Five Magazine - Vancouver
"Ann has helped me get my business off the ground and works very quickly"
Ann Marot is very friendly and easy to work with. She does everything very professionally and quickly and she's always there for you.
- Kati Strauss - Baby Vac Ltd - Pretoria
"It's been great and easy to work with Ann - and everything's so professional"
Ann is professional, in everything that she does and promises.  I have enjoyed working with her and will do so in the future without a doubt.
- Marko Blom  -The Advertising Company - Centurion
"Ann's work is always so professional and she is an absolute pleasure to work with"
I needed help and she gave me the time I needed, had the patience to explain when I didn't understand and is a very good communicator.
I would recommend her services to anyone who wants excellence!
- Georgie Colling - GeorgiEvents -Durban
"Ann gives you exactly what you want but 100% better than what you thought"
I asked Ann to build me a webinar funnel and her work was beautiful. I am with World Ventures Network Marketing and it really helped me generate business  leads and automate the whole process so it saved me time.
- Ryan Paulson World Ventures - Johannesburg
"Ann's is a shining GEM and a keeper"
Ann has worked for my company since 2009 and has been innovative and creative in her marketing of my company. We went online with her and her work is professional and she always has new ideas - I recommend working with Ann, she is definitely someone you want to keep.
- Kevin Bassett - Floodgate Ltd - Johannesburg
"I was sceptical and then I met Ann in USA"
I couldn't believe what an awesome, honest, trustworthy person Ann is and she is so easy to talk to and so knowledgeable in her field of expertise. I have been scammed so many times paying money to people and getting nothing back but when I met Ann I knew that I could trust her instantly and she has come through every time for my business and over delivers.
- Mary Bray - Lose Weight in 6 weeks- Minneapolis USA
"Ann's work is amazing and she is a perfectionist"
I am in network marketing and am technically challenged so I asked Ann if she could build me a sales funnel to capture leads before people go to my purchasing site. She is so quick, professional and produced a lead generating landing page that worked wonders for me. 
- Georgie Lazslo - Herbalife - Johannesburg
"I have recently discovered this magic world through the teachings and sharing of Ann Marot's knowledge."
- Carroll Lazarus - Afriweave - Kwa-Zulu Natal
Hi Ann, yes, for me you are a true inspiration to women. In fact, you are one of the very few people (especially a woman) who entered the unknown world of online business all those years ago when on-line was something new and strange. The internet was still in its early stages and on-line was far from our minds. Yet you chose to build your career on this future way of doing business. Back in the day, I for one would never have thought that the day would come when the most efficient and most used way to find and buy what you want, either an item or a service, would be on-line. You deserve high praise indeed Ann. 

I am in my early 70's. In 1968, as a junior secretary, at work, the only way to make a photocopy of a document was to actually make a photograph in a dark room, using 3 chemicals then wait for it to dry. Imagine? I spent the next 50 years working as a secretary, a sales rep, having a family, and starting my own little promotions and events company. Looking back, all of this took immense time and work, daily grind, and determination to just make ends meet. It has been a hard life for a single mom to make a living.

Today, this magic world called the internet with online shopping has opened up a whole new way of how the world works, with unlimited possibilities for anyone to start a business and earn a living.  

I have recently discovered this magic world through the teachings and sharing of Ann Marot's knowledge. She took me by my hand and showed me how easy it is to build an on-site platform and navigate this new world. I feel like I have entered Aladdin's cave! The possibilities, adventure and, in fact, the highway to today's living, is right there for everyone to enter. Why not you? I did at the age of 72!

 Last year, 2 day's into the national Covert lockdown, I was very lucky to meet up with Ann, and began to learn how to put my dream of having my own online business turn into a reality.  

These past 11 months have been the most exciting time of my life. With Ann's guidance, I have resurrected an old novel idea I had started in 1989 and have turned it into a reality. It is called Afriweave (a simple hand held weaving method using plastic needles and yarn) and with Ann's help, I hope to reach and sell to the world and "teach the world to weave" .
Ann, thank you for coming into my life and giving me new hope and a future.

With all my respect and love
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