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Success Doesn't Happen By Accident
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Success Doesn't Happen By Accident
In May 2021 I have been in marketing for 24 years, in my own business called Mystery Marketing & Promotions. It's been an amazing journey and I have met some incredible people along the way. My passion is helping people establish themselves in business, and in many cases, in their personal lives. Most are surprised when I pair up marketing and personal life but marketing very much involves a huge amount of mindset, and people come to me in search of their self-esteem, confidence and worth. 

Most people think that marketing is just getting a brand out into the market and enhancing its exposure. But a lot of my time is spent helping people get their mindset right so that they can reach their success, not only in business but also in life. 

The other day I was asked if I have a psychology degree? My answer was -well actually I have a degree in art psychology. The study of psychology through art. This is mainly used in children. To understand what's going on in a child's mind, you simply study their art or drawings. 

You know the saying: "a picture says a thousand words". RIGHT! Unfortunately one can't practice this on adults as most have lost this inborn creativity. But listening is an incredible talent that I use & practice in my business. No need for a degree when it comes to this. Listening, trust and truth which all involves communication, is what you should learn when it comes to promoting yourself or your business.

The biggest talent that you should develop is your communication. After all who, wants to deal with a person who doesn't communicate. However this is the weak link in most businesses and (believe it or not) in most relationships. You just can't separate the one from the other.

Success does not happen by accident. You have to work at it. Learn how to work smart instead of hard. What I offer to you when I market you or your business is my life experiences. Over the years I have gotten to know what works and what doesn't and now I spend my days sharing this with others and I make an income from it.

To Your Success,
My Adventures
Live Your Life As If Today Was Your Last Day!
I have had many adventures in my life. Like I've said before: I'm not lucky, I've made my luck. I took advantage of every opportunity that came my way. Some worked out and some didn't but this is what life is about. If you aren't ready to take some risks then you'll stagnate.
Below are some of my adventures in my past and below that are some of my adventures to date. Enjoy!
The People I've Met
Just a few of the amazing people that I have met on my journey. 

Russell Brunson's Wife Collette - FHL 2020

Clickfunnels Millionaire - 
Kathryn Jones - FHL 2020

Clickfunnels Millionaire - 
Julie Stoian - FHL 2020

International Speaker 
Ray Higdon - FHL 2019

Clickfunnels Millionaire - 
Liz Benny - FHL 2019

Millionaire + Funnel Scripts Owner Jim Edwards - FHL 2020

Singer Sam Riddle- Las Vegas

Singer/Songwriter - Nianell

Amor Vittone 
(van der westhuizen) - 
W.O.W Awards evening 2019

Eric And Marina Worre

Marina Worre

Comedian Michael Naicker

Speaker & Coach Peter Sage

International speaker T Harv Eker

The Places I've Been
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